Today, the Big Balloon Tycoon is a balloon entertainment business, providing creative services for consumer and corporate celebrations. However, this business was not even thought of when Brian, the founder of the Big Balloon Tycoon, first explored this craft. Our story starts before this entirely.

      Throughout Brian's childhood, he has always been an artist. As a young boy, he enjoyed legos, drawing, and various other crafts. Because of this, his parents thought it would be a good idea to give Brian a balloon kit for Christmas in 2002. Before long, Brian had taught himself how to make many basic balloon animals and started experimenting with his own designs.

      In fifth grade, Brian decided to volunteer his new talents at his elementary school's fish fry fundraiser. Although his entire family volunteered in their own way, Brian was the only one at the event exchanging tickets for balloon sculptures. Soon after, Brian received many requests to bring his talents to other local events. After this experience, Brian realized his opportunity and rebranded himself as the Big Balloon Tycoon.

      As Brian grew older he continued accepting balloon requests outside of his other commitments. In time, Brian realized that his art created quite the demand. He was working with several people, appearing at a number of events on a regular basis. When the time came for Brian to end his high school career and begin his college adventure three hours away from home, he realized it would be difficult to keep these arrangements and come home every weekend. Because of this, he started looking to recruit his first partner. 

      Michael, Brian's younger brother, was thrilled to step up and take Brian's place while he was away. He expressed interest back in 2008 after seeing some of Brian's early work. He too grew up with a love for drawing and other forms of art, and he was quickly able to learn the craft. In just a short few months of training, Michael was completely able to represent the brand while Brian was away. 

      Demand for the Big Balloon Tycoon continued to grow and soon, both Brian and Michael's schedules were filled. In 2012, they decided to recruit the youngest brother,  Jon, to join the team as a third balloon artist. Jon's hard working mentality, and willingness to learn served him well in his training, and he too was ready to work in no time.

      Today, Big Balloon Tycoon regularly appears at hundreds of events between southern Wisconsin, northern Illinois, and the surrounding areas. They love what they do, and they love that so many people support their passion. None of this would have been possible without all of the help they have received along the way.