Welcome to our tutorial videos! On this page, you will find Brian teaching you all of the basic balloon sculptures he learned when he first started! If these videos get to be too easy for you, and you want to see some of our more advanced videos, contact us!

1) How to Inflate and Tie a balloon

Brian failed to mention all of the different sculptures you know how to make after completing this first lesson! You can now make a Snake, a Worm, a hot dog, and much more!

2) How to make a Dog

This was Brian's first balloon sculpture. There are 2 ways to do this. Brian demonstrates both in this video.

3) How to Make a Giraffe

The giraffe is actually very similar to the dog! Just change some of the proportions and see the difference!

4) How to make a Bunny/Rabbit

The Bunny is very similar to the dog and the giraffe, it just has a little twist towards the end! Again, change the proportions accordingly, but now... have it sit on it's back legs!

5) How to make a Swan

Let's try something new now. The swans have a very unique design to them. Give it a shot and see what you think!

6) How to make a Hat

Okay, Brian has been tough on you so far. Lets reward you with a victory hat. This hat design serves as a framework for some of our much more elaborate designs that you could learn later on... if you choose to accept the challenge!

7) How to make a Poodle Dog

Let's circle back around to the dogs! This one is a little tricky. It may take a few attempts before you get it down!

8) How to make a Flower

You've reach a milestone! This sculpture takes not one balloon... but two! Witness the awesome things you can make with multiple balloons!

9) How to make a Heart

It's time for me to frustrate you! The heart design is so simple, yet so difficult to master! Take your time on this one and try to learn the different feelings of the balloon (Pressure changes, the balloons ability to bend, etc.).

10) How to make a Bear

It's time for the final boss! This is most likely going to be the hardest sculpture of this collection of videos. If you conquer this, and want to see some more advanced videos, be sure to contact us!