What are your prices and availability?

      Prices are $150 for the first hour, $100 each additional hour. More information about this can be found on this page. Please keep in mind, the actual price for your event may be higher or lower based on our discount offers and travel rates. For more information on our availability please preview our online calendar or contact us directly.

Can I cancel my event?

      We understand that schedules change and we want to be sensitive to this. If you can give us a two week notice, you can cancel your event for a full refund. However, cancellations after this time will only receive a 50% refund.

How many sculptures can you make per hour?

      The number of balloon sculptures we can make per hour greatly depends on the request. For a typical event, a single balloon artist averages around 20 to 25 sculptures an hour, however this number could be higher or lower if designs are simplified, or if more time is taken to create larger, more intricate sculptures.

How long will my balloons last?

      Nothing will make a balloon needle-proof, however, if you can keep them safe, they should last a week or two before they start to visibly shrink. To make sculptures last even longer than this, we recommend spraying your balloons with hair spray. This will clog the pores of the latex and prevent them from shrinking as quickly. Some people have claimed that their balloon sculptures have lasted well over a month with this trick.

Do you use non-latex balloons?

      Our balloons are not latex free. Non-latex balloons do exist, however we do not use them as they cannot be manipulated the same way latex balloons are. If you, or your guests have a latex allergy, we would recommend against balloon entertainment for your event.

Am I suppose to leave a tip?

      Tips are never expected, but always appreciated. It's a tangible way for you to tell your balloon artist that he is doing a good job and that you appreciate his service. Standard restaurant rules apply when calculating a good tip (Between 10% and 25%).