About Brian:

Brian, the owner of Big Balloon Tycoon and former lead balloon artist from the midwest team, relocated to Alpharetta Georgia in June of 2018. With nearly 2 decades worth of experience, he is excited continue his passion of balloon art in the south. Check out his YouTube Channel for examples of what he can make out of balloons!

About the service:

      Brian can produce around 25 standard sculptures an hour depending on the complexity of the request. Standard sculptures include items like dogs on leashes, monkeys, penguins, etc. However, given the time, Brian specializes in more elaborate sculptures, like superheroes, princesses, cartoon characters, celebrities, and more. This service goes great with birthday parties, wedding receptions, company picnics, customer appreciation events, city wide festivals, church gatherings, block parties, holiday events, and more!

About our rates:

      The first hour is $250, and each additional hour is $150 per balloon artist. Depending on your location, there may be additional travel fees. Please note that our calendars fill up fast. To show our appreciation to those who like to plan ahead, we've made a few discounts opportunities available.

  • 10% off for a 2+ month advanced notice, or...

  • 5% off for a 1+ month advanced notice, and...

  • 5% off for prepaying the full balance